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What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Lab Work

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Did you know that your lab results have a story to tell? In this episode, we’ll get to hear from a real expert, Dr. Todd Watts, on what traditional doctors often misinterpreting out of our lab tests. Take the opportunity to improve yourself up next in this new chapter of True Detox. - - - > Learn more at:

Episode Notes

Did you know that your lab results have a story to tell? 

This is the third installment of six episodes that talk about viruses and retroviruses where Dr. Jay Davidson is allowing us to rebroadcast this exclusive content from his Viruses and Retroviruses Summit. 

In this episode we’ll get to hear from a real expert, Dr. Todd Watts, on what traditional doctors often misinterpret out of our lab tests and how this affects our chances of getting the right treatment in the face of a chronic infection, detoxing our bodies, or even starting a new diet.    

Dr. Todd Watts is somewhat of an anomaly in the Functional Medicine space because most Functional Medicine doctors either run kinesiology or lab studies. Dr. Watts runs both and leverages the results to help paint a complete picture of what’s really going on.

For him, to tell the story of someone, especially someone with chronic illness, a comprehensive blood panel is a must. But it’s not just one panel, you really need multiple over a period of time to see what’s shifting and the direction of that shift. Most doctors are looking at high markers but Dr. Watts recommends that you should also be looking at markers that are shifting downwards as well.

Combining Functional Medicine laboratory testing and kinesiology energetic testing, allows Dr. Watts to identify things such as chronic infection if it doesn’t show up on lab work.

The two shifted the conversation to energy. Not necessarily the kind of energy that gets you out of bed excited in the morning, but cellular energy (ATP). And as you’ll hear Dr. Watts explain, you can’t have one without the other.  

As we know, diet ties in heavily to the energy we have day-to-day and the two talked about the ultra-popular keto diet. Dr. Watts likes the diet for short term but isn’t a proponent of long-term sustained intake of any one particular diet because you miss out on crucial nutrients. When people do come to him asking to move to a keto diet, the first thing he does is look at the blood work. In particular, he’s looking at LDH levels to see if the diet could be a good fit for them. In addition, if he sees thyroid or adrenal issues, then they may not do well on the keto diet. 

Tune in and find out what your doctor doesn’t know about lab work in this new chapter of True Detox. 

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