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Understanding The Intersection Between Law And Detox With Lisa Fraley

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk to Lisa Fraley, who is a legal coach and an attorney. She shares her unique perspective on the law and how it can be your friend. She also connects law and detox. - - → Learn more at:

Episode Notes

Listen in as we talk about legal enlightenment and how you can make the law your friend. The law is there to protect you and your business. Once you understand the law, you become empowered and ready to protect your work. 

Lisa takes us through the seven key legal steps and how they align with the seven chakras. It is an interesting intersection between the law and our energy. Once we understand the law and it empowers us, we are more confident in our undertakings which in turn gives us more energy. Our spirit is lifted and we experience a true detox from fear. 

We talk about how legal tools such as a will and an insurance cover can help you relax and live a happy life. A will is the best gift you could give your family. It is an act of love for your family. You can prepare a will no matter the age you are. Having a will is one way to prepare and not fear even death. 

Key Takeaways

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