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Toxic Effects Of Glyphosate With Dr. Allan Lindsley And Jeff Griswold

Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of TrueDetox Podcast. In this episode, we host Dr. Alan Linsley and Jeff Griswold. We are talking about the harmful effects of glyphosate on the human body. - - → Learn more at:

Episode Notes

Glyphosate has been a concern for quite a while. Numerous studies and research has been done investigating its effects on the human body. Unfortunately, it still continues to be used as a pesticide in growing crops despite the concerns.

Our two guests, give us their first-hand experience of what they are seeing in the clinic and among young people suffering from unexplainable injuries. When we connect the dots, we can clearly see there is a relationship between glyphosate and some of the injuries and conditions that are affecting many people. 

Our ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and even a large part of the bone, is made of collagen. Glyphosate affects the strength of the collagen by substituting a critical amino acid. This leads to a decrease in the strength of the collagen and hence the many injuries young athletes are facing. 

We try connecting the dots between this pesticide and the numerous injuries facing our teenage children that have come to be seen as normal. Dr. Alan insists that it is not normal, and we need to open our eyes. Tune in and hear more about this on this eye-opener episode. 

Key Takeaways

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