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How To Stay Motivated And Not Fear The Unknown With Tracy Southwick

Episode Summary

In this episode, Tracy Southwick returns to help ease our fears of the unknown in times of unrest and uncertainty like these we find ourselves in. - - → Learn more at:

Episode Notes

Listen in and find out how to remain positive amidst all the negativity that is going on. Amidst all the uncertainty, unrest and fears people have, we talk about finding the right tools for stress, and emotional cleansing to help you remain positive as we go through these unprecedented events.

One of the ways to remain calm is by learning to maintain deep breaths even in stressful situations. Many people, when faced with uncertainty, tend to breathe shallow, which induces the body into a fight or flight mode. Stacy takes us through the 478 breathing technique which helps us get out of the fight or flight stress mode.  

We talk about keeping your social connections going on even while social distancing. Checking on an elderly family member or neighbors in our communities through writing letters, calling or other means is important to ease anxiety and stress during this period. Social distancing doesn't mean social disconnecting.

We also talk about how to use this time we are in to bring positive change to our lives and also build positive habits. Something creative and that will keep you active. We can learn how to meditate, cook healthy meals, maybe learn a new language. At the end of the day, we need to accept that we cannot change the external situation. We can only control how to react that.

Key Takeaways

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