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Diet Detox Makes Fibromyalgia Disappear With Debbie Hendrickson

Episode Summary

In this episode, we are taking a very personal turn in our journey to know the story of Debbie Hendrickson, one of our long-time friends and supporters who has gone through an amazing detoxing process and it’s here to inspire us all to start a true detox in our lives. - - - > Learn more at:

Episode Notes

Traumatic experiences have a way of teaching us just how important is to look at the things we have been ignoring for some time to put them in perspective and Debbie Hendrickson, a nutritional health coach and creator of The Heavenly Healthy Gourmet is the living proof of that. 

Tune in and discover all about her amazing story, her transition from sugarholic to healthy eater and how she found a way to help others to find their balance.

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