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Detoxing Glyphosate From Our Bodies With Dr. Allan Lindsley And Jeff Griswold

Episode Summary

In this episode, we continue with the conversation we had in the previous episode on the toxic effects of glyphosate. We focus on the effects of glyphosate on the gut and how we can detoxify our bodies to get rid of this toxin. - - → Learn more at:

Episode Notes

Glyphosate blocks the body’s natural ability to repair and detoxify by disrupting enzymatic function and disrupting hormones. This leads up to collagen destruction in the gut which in turn leads to multiple diseases. Findings from a scientific study found that incidences of celiac disease increased almost proportionally with the amount of glyphosate applied to wheat.

Glyphosate is the leading ingredient in most weed killers. It is not being used by just the farmers, even regular people buying weed killers are exposing themselves to it. We look at ways to mitigate and protect yourself from glyphosate including knowing where your food is coming from and having a garden where you can grow your food. 

Despite all the effects of glyphosate on our bodies, all hope is not lost. You can detoxify your system and avoid the harmful effects. 

Key Takeaways

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